Code 2 models based on DY-30 1956 Austin Healey 100 BN2
              Austin Healey Club of the UK  
 This Code-2 model was made with the permission of the Austin Healey Club Ltd
 of the UK.The model was made available to their members and Dinky collectors.
 Released with full permission of Matchbox Collectibles 30.07.1997 and limited to
 a total of 500 models. 
 The models come in an attractive blue and white striped box. 
                        Red,  500 Models
             Austin Healey Club of the UK  
 A  small quantity of these models were produced in white with black seats and  
 limited to a total of ca. 25 models.  
                     White, ca 25 Models
         Dinky Toy Club of America DTCA 
        3st Annual Show and Convention  
This is a Code-2 model authorized by Matchbox Collectibles commemorating the DINKY TOY Club of America's show held in Baltimore, MD, USA on 27.09.1997 and limited to a total of 150 models. 
27.09.1997 in Baltimore, Green,150 Models